Reasons to learn digital art in 2022

Over the years, digital art has grown in popularity and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Digital art has officially taken over traditional art. Digital art has become a part of everyday life and is growing rapidly in the job market. The rise of digital art has had a significant impact on traditional art. Many believe there are several reasons to be optimistic about the future of digital art. Many digital tools are revolutionizing the transformation of digital art in the film industry and even museums around the world have started to accept digital illustrations or portraits. Therefore, digital art plays a vital role in our lives and has become an integral part of modern society, social lifestyles, fashion and interior design.

In this article, we have discussed some reasons why students should learn digital art in 2022.

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Endless career opportunities and high earnings

Digital paintings can open the door to endless opportunities for you. An individual can start making money from freelancing, slowly building an eye-catching portfolio and reputation by working with reputable brand clients. Most brands like to hire digital artists these days compared to traditional artists, they also pay large sums to digital artists. Once you have developed a good portfolio, you can sell your art on websites. If you’re interested in games or movies, you might also consider becoming a concept artist or animator.

Easily share your art and get the chance to be discovered on the web

Sharing your work online, like on Facebook or Instagram, will get you massive feedback and appreciation for your work, which is also a great way to help you grow faster as a digital artist. . Publishing your work on the web will not only motivate you to do better, but it’s also a great opportunity to find more clients.

Cheaper than traditional paints

Now it is a fact that digital art is way cheaper than traditional paintings. It always costs a lot of money as artists have to invest in high quality brushes, paints, canvas, inks and all other art supplies. For digital art, the artist only needs a computer or drawing tab, which is a one-time investment. Moreover, digital artists can easily use multiple software to create masterpieces. One may find drawing tabs a bit expensive at first, but in the long run it works out much cheaper than traditional art.

New values ​​in the cryptocurrency market

Crypto art is usually digital in nature and has grown in popularity. It increases dramatically. Digital arts can be easily bought and sold on a blockchain, while non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be traded like assets. The value of digital artworks is determined through auctions or exchanges based on market values, this creates an advantage for all digital artists to generate revenue as they will receive their massive shares each time their artwork is digital art is sold or traded online.

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It’s fun, productive and doesn’t take a lot of time

Just with the proper techniques, you can easily create realistic paintings in a short time. Digital painting is like traditional painting, except the ink never dries. You can easily undo mistakes, duplicate items, fill backgrounds, and more. It’s like playing with colors but digitally. Online painting tools are user-friendly, making it faster and easier to create paintings compared to traditional art.

Be part of the creative community

You can easily become part of a growing creative community online. Plus, it’s great to be around people, especially those who share the same interests and passions as you; this way you are always motivated. You can easily find other digital artists on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or Quora. There are significant online art communities where you can easily exchange ideas or advice on digital paintings with other artists and expand your networks. You might even be surprised to find that many people are now learning to become digital artists.

Digital art may seem easy, but of course it also comes with challenges. But, with the right amount of patience, practice, hard work and effort, you will soon be creating unique digital paintings and excelling in your future.

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