San Francisco lawyer Haitham Amin turns legal learning into digital

Obiter dicta, prima facie, in pari delicto; as a conglomerate of terms from different and often dead languages, legal jargon is inherently extremely complex for the average person to interpret and understand. Fortunately for the masses without a law degree, a lawyer has taken on the task of translating this so-called “legal” into digestible and fully comprehensible concepts, also easily accessible with a simple tap on a screen. Meet Haitham Amin, the quick social media fix to confusing legal topics.

A true modern-day man, Amin has put his talents and know-how at the service of various online platforms, reaching out to a wide range of audiences. One of its most comprehensive undertakings has been through YouTube, which lends itself to more difficult topics thanks to its support for longer videos. Here, Amin has helped guide people through a variety of complex topics, including how to get a U.S. Green Card fast, how to behave when arrested, and what exactly. is an indictment. Some of the lawyer’s most popular videos have helped vulnerable members of the American population navigate the difficult and unprecedented situations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, offering expert advice on growing PPP loan fraud and various scams. to stimulus checks that people might fall prey to.

While Amin’s effort on YouTube has been largely successful, younger generations tend to prefer their information in the form of quick chunks, rather than full-length videos. To appeal to this young demographic, Amin also bestows his wisdom in short pieces posted on Gen Z favorite TikTok and Millennial Darling Instagram, where he has an impressive number of over 209,000 fans who listen to his wise advice. .

Any potential skeptics concerned about the reliability of online account advice need not fear when it comes to Amin’s legal expertise. As a fixture on the San Francisco legal scene for over a decade, Amin has extensive courtroom experience through the operation of his own renowned firm, Amin Law. Plus, the lawyer knows a thing or two about sharing his knowledge with those who really need it, having served as a public defender in the San Francisco area for several years.

To learn more about Amin’s innovative work, follow him on social media and visit the Amin Law website to find out more.

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