Saudi illustrator dives into digital art to shed light on community life

Yassin, a 27-year-old concept artist and writer with a flair for illustration, spoke to Arab News about his art.

Each of his works embodies the deep emotional side of the daily life of the Saudi community, interpreted in a magical swirl of art depicting characters, events and stories.

“It’s really important for me to convey human sensations that my audience can relate to at first glance,” she said. “I admire all the details related to my Saudi culture, my heritage, past and present that made us who we are now.

“In my art, you will see the family warmth, love and devotion presented because these are the daily treasures that I love and which nourish my inspiration.”

She started out as a six-year-old enthusiast drawing her favorite cartoon characters on television and copying magazines.

His attention is often drawn to the problems of his profession such as the artist’s block. One social media platform close to her heart is Instagram. She uses it to highlight such topics by posting simple illustrations that grab viewers’ attention and make them think.

What makes a skill valuable is being true to the message behind it, Yassin said. Emotions, love, peace and stability are among the themes exhibited in his works.

She said that the characteristics of the characters she illustrates are mainly inspired by those close to her, including her relatives, her son and her husband. The viewer will find an eye symbol in each of Yassin’s illustrations, which she says symbolizes the first two initials of her and her husband’s name. “It also refers to the beauty and power of perception, an angle that no one other than me can see.”

Yassin illustrated the complete series of the Saudi children’s book “Habib the Camel”, where she created the two main characters. “I am so proud and happy to see my characters turn into dolls.”

Yassin is currently working with Dar Waraqa, a creative publishing house based in Saudi Arabia, on a book on how to have a strong heart and face your fear.

She is also working on a new board game and three children’s books.

The Saudi artist uses her art to create a form of communication. Since his visual art simulates cultural identity, the comments written on his illustrations are in the Hejazi dialect. “Using simple but expressive words in colloquial Saudi Arabian is my way of reaching the hearts of my audience. “

The interactive subjects and conversational, contemporary style of his illustrations resonate with a large audience in the Middle East in general and Saudi Arabia in particular, so many of his works are available as puzzles and posters.

Yassin sells his posters through his Instagram page @ unique.beno, represented by @radishhouseagency, and will soon have an online store to exhibit all of his works.

She is also planning several workshops on improving art through the use of color.

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