Save 45% on Corel Painter and start your digital art journey

Corel is closing a massive deal for Painter 2022 and it’s high time you got this tool! This is the perfect time to develop your passion!

When it comes to creating digital creations, Corel is just as great as the other brands on the market, offering quality products at lower prices.

Whatever purpose you use Corel for, you know it’s a great addition for any budding graphic designer, artist, and generally anyone who needs to do image edits of any kind. Fortunately, we have an amazing offer for you!

Save money on Corel

Currently, Corel is running a massive deal that will save you 45% off Painter 2022 or the first year of your Painter 365 subscription! While Painter usually costs $429, you can save $200 for a limited time and get it for $229 instead. Plus, you’ll get a little something extra in the form of a styling brush pack which is usually quite expensive to get.

Alternatively, Painter 365 is usually priced at $199, but now you can get it for $109. The offer is only valid for the first year, of course.

The offer is available via May 9, 2022. All you have to do is follow the link and make your purchase.

Even better, Corel offers additional coupons you can use at checkout!

How cool are these offers? ! We love that you can save money while investing in yourself and your passions.


Why do you need Corel

First of all, Corel is an awesome brand that offers quality tools at a great price. We know market comparison is impossible to avoid, but we can honestly say that Corel is more affordable and just as great as any competitor.

Painter lets you create digital art, starting with a blank canvas, creating brushes, textures, patterns, and using wonderful color palettes. When you’re done, your art will look like you actually painted on canvas. It’s so brilliantly done.

You can even use a graphics tablet to create your designs, making it the perfect tool for your digital art. Frankly, the sky is the limit when using Corel Painter.

Get Painter for a robbery!

With the great price at which Painter is now available, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this offer. Saving 45% on such a great digital drawing tool is amazing. Plus, all those other offers aren’t something to turn your nose up at either.

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