Students share how access to digital learning tools sets them up for success

Posted 05/18/22

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Angelica Mesa, a second-year student at Mater Academy Bay, used a 3D printer to create a model of a neuron.

As spring fever sets in and another school year draws to a close, we asked students at Mater Academy Bay Middle School and High School, a Verizon Innovative Learning School, to share what it’s like really than attending a school where connected tablets and innovative learning apps have replaced paper-and-pencil homework in a variety of elective subjects.

What’s the best part? The excitement of exploring technology in the classroom, in so many ways. Students use apps to create sheet music, writing their own compositions. In the biomedical academy, young learners virtually perform 3D animal dissections, allowing them to learn the anatomy of many creatures. And the drone club has become a popular after-school activity; students use an app on their devices to fly drones over nearby swamps and spot wildlife, to learn more about the ecosystem around them.

For second-year student Angelica Mesa, the most memorable lesson was creating models of neurons with a 3D printer, which helped her understand cellular structures. “I was like, ‘wow, you did that with the click of a button and now you have an actual object right in front of you,'” Angela says.

The five students we spoke to also discussed how experience with advanced technologies and digital tools will set them up for success in their future careers. “I’m learning with technology, about technology, so it prepares me more for the future ahead,” says Dylan Lopez, a junior.

Verizon Innovative Learning is an award-winning educational initiative tackling barriers to digital inclusion. It is a key element of Verizon Citizenthe company’s responsible business plan to help move the world forward for all.

“Technology is changing. It evolves, it grows. And now we have this technology, so we will be ready for the future.



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