Sylvester Stallone will launch the PlanetSly NFT collection

Sylvester Stallone joins several of his fellow celebrities in selling a series on NFTs. Dubbed the PlanetSly NFT Collection, the series consists of 9,997 digital artworks inspired by his life and career. Unlike some NFT projects, Stallone’s PlanetSly NFTs will include exclusive and varied perks that will be a bonus for the buyer. For example, some NFTs will include a dinner party, virtual movie screening, exclusive events, and more.

The PlanetSly NFT initiative will launch in April and will include both blockchain and IRL-based offerings. According to Deadline, PlaneySly is hosted by Stallone and is a place for NFT fans, collectors and enthusiasts. Stallone was directly involved in the creative process, with the art focusing on his career and accomplishments. The project was created by, a company owned by Stallone and entrepreneur Bill Zanker.

NFTs are called SLYguys. In order to participate in the invitation-only presale, NFT collectors and Stallone fans must show their “SLYLove”. This can be achieved by posting videos on TikTok, Instagram or other social media. Videos may include prints, art, performances, or anything else surrounding the Stallone fandom. You can even create a confessional about how Stallone changed your life. 9,997 SLYguys will debut on the Ethereum blockchain. Stallone will autograph 25 of the rarest NFTs.

For more information on how you can attend the Ultimate Stallone Experience and be included in a dinner and afterparty in Miami, be sure to visit What do you think of Sylvester Stallone entering the ring with NFT? Are you excited to buy a unique SLYguy for the chance to dine with the man himself? These are wild times we live in, and you never know what celebrities are going to do next when it comes to making money.

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