Tempus Digital Media Group to Develop Atlanta North Studios for Downtown Atlanta Expansion with Three New Green Screens and LED Unreal Engine Stages

Step 8 – Unreal Engine Step

ATL North has just passed the original milestones, which never envisioned the biggest productions capable of using Unreal Engine technology.

Atlanta North Studios expands into downtown Atlanta with three and potentially four state-of-the-art Unreal Engine virtual studios that will host multiple large green screens and LED productions simultaneously. With easy airport access for today’s TV productions, film applications, and enterprise customers looking to reduce costs and speed up production cycles using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

“Our Alpharetta location provided the perfect solution during Covid to test and streamline our Unreal Engine multi-camera workflows, which have been in development since 2018,” said Steve Sanford, CEO of ATL North Studios. “ATL North Studios has hosted some of the largest live and remote events in the country in full 4K TV broadcast quality. However, many industry players and customers were skeptical that full TV quality could be achieved, especially with dozens of remote streams from Zoom, Teams and other platforms combined with live virtual productions. in studio. The streaming world has already leveraged the use of Unreal Engine for movies and TV shows using LED volumes. Yet multi-camera green and blue screen production works better and cheaper for many productions.

ATL North is expanding into downtown Atlanta for many reasons. First, it’s about delivering scalable virtual technologies directly to the heart of the metropolitan area, making it convenient for more customers. Second, ATL North is just past the original stages, which never considered larger productions capable of using Unreal Engine technology. ATL Nord is evaluating several locations and will announce a decision soon.

According to Sanford, “ATL North has been able to achieve scalable productions with Unreal Engine and multi-camera workflows that save or eliminate post-production time, provide a high-quality experience, and enable our growers and customers save over 40% on production costs.. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish with bigger steps in town.


About Tempus Digital Media Group: Tempus DMG provides organizations with data-driven research, strategy and creative campaigns powered by technology using next-generation real-time video content creation that enables content the same day without any post-production.

About Atlanta North Studios: Atlanta North Studios https://www.atlnorthstudios.com/virtual is one of the few Unreal Engine multi-camera studios streaming in 4K in Alpharetta, Georgia. ATL North produces live and on-demand events and hosts numerous reality TV shows, virtual TV, corporate and film productions. ATL North provides in-house Unreal Engine virtual set designs optimized for high frame rate 4K real-time workflows.

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