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Students who require alternative testing services are encouraged to take the following steps in the first two weeks of the semesterif possible.

Steps to Complete Alternative Testing Services

Step 1: Communicate your needs to the Disability Resource Center

If you need alternative testing services, you should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC). If you have never registered with the DRC, you will need to complete the application and meet with a coordinator.

Step 2: Complete an accommodation request form

Next, meet with the DRC to complete an accommodation request form for each course you take per semester. Once the DRC has approved your accommodations, they will be sent to your instructor electronically.

Once you have submitted your request, you must follow up with your instructor(s). Please note that it may take several days for the DRC and your instructor to process your accommodation request.

It is your responsibility to complete and submit the accommodation request form as early as possible in the semester. Accommodation will be provided as specified on the DRC accommodation letter. Please contact the DRC if you believe your hosting needs to be updated. Testing accommodations cannot be granted retroactively.

Step 3: Schedule your exams

It is your responsibility to choose an invigilation option and schedule your exam to be taken with the University Examination Center, DRC or remotely.

Whichever test preference you choose, be aware that all standard exam rules apply.

Be sure to consider hours of operation, exam submission deadlines, and extended exam time arrangements (if applicable) when scheduling your exam.

Testing Options

Option 1: University Examination Center

Please visit the University Testing Center website for important information about their testing process and requirements.

Option 2: DRC Test Center

If you would like to take the exam at the DRC exam center, please make an appointment for the exam:

If you are having difficulty scheduling your appointment with DRC, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Option 3: remote test

When scheduling your exam, be sure to consider registration tasks, exam due date, and exam duration, including any extended accommodations you may receive. The exam will automatically be submitted on the deadline, regardless of the time you started the exam or your extended accommodations.

Please check your course site for more information.

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