The digital art of young creative Victor Nwangwu gives him international recognition

Life after high school will present you with a wormhole of endless opportunities.

Young conceptual artist and graphic designer from the Vega School, Victor Ngwangwu, also known as Odsev, shares how his love for the arts allowed him to work with local and international stars.

Victor Nwangwu known as ‘Odsev’ is a concept artist and graphic designer.

He writes:

I’ve always loved art and design, so choosing subjects in high school was easy because I was immediately drawn to the visual arts.
I enrolled at the age of 16 in 2017 at Radley Private School where I was elected Head Boy. I took a gap year but enrolled in a one-year senior course in advanced photography. I used this time to sate my growing appetite for exploring digital art.

My friend used some cool visuals on social media, so I contacted him to find out what software or tools he used to produce these photographs, which I found on play store. The app limited me so I looked for an alternative. I started learning Adobe software (specifically Adobe Photoshop) in October 2018 using both paid courses and YouTube.

A project Odsev worked on for South African rapper and singer-songwriter Yanga Chief.

In January 2019, after about six months of practice, I was confident about the direction my career would take. My focus was firmly set on digital art and design, so I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Vega.

Odsev, which means “reflection” in Slovenian, was a professional Instagram account that I created at the time.

Following my journey, I started making surreal portraits from images that my younger brother had taken. I produced a minimum of five works of art per day. I used this to market my brand, but realized I should think about working with other artists and content producers in my niche. Over time, my style has evolved.

When Jack Avery, an American singer and musician, agreed to work with me in 2019, my artistic journey improved considerably. He used the ideas to mark his tour at the time. This partnership caught the world’s attention, and as a result, other major partnerships soon followed, including one with Zedd, who is a Russian-born German DJ, record producer and songwriter.

A project Odsev worked on for American singer and musician Jack Avery.

I have done a variety of projects for South African celebrities such as mixed martial arts fighter Bokang Masunyane, popularly known as Little Giant, and Yanga Chief, a South African rapper and singer-songwriter .

I used the lockdown to my advantage, knowing influencers and celebrities were restricted. I contacted several people and surprisingly received hundreds of international responses, including those from TikTok stars in India, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

All my achievements are born from my desire to show myself that everything is possible at any age. If it’s something you’re looking for, you can get it as long as you’re willing to put in the effort and sleepless nights to get it. Everything in this world is within your reach, and this message is especially for young people since we have the power to influence the future.

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