The Rise of Procreate in the Digital Art World | News

Procreate has grown in popularity, even more so than Photoshop in some cases.

In 2016, an app called Procreate released to Apple’s App Store with a new, easy way to create digital art masterpieces. It was barely a year later that it reached second place for downloads on the App Store. Since 2018, it is the best app on the App Store when it comes to design.

With the growing popularity of TikTok at the onset of COVID-19, Procreate and the artists who use it have thrived using the app to promote their work.

The app itself attracts people for many reasons, but the main reason is accessibility. Unlike Photoshop, Procreate is available on any iOS device. The app has a lot of tools that you can use to create a piece of art that only you can create.

“There are ways to use Photoshop portable, but not as easily as pulling out an iPhone or iPad and using [Procreate] on those, ”said Noah Damro, an undeclared freshman in design.

Another reason why so many people use Procreate in Photoshop is the price of the app. While Photoshop costs $ 20.99 per month, Procreate is a one-time purchase of $ 9.99.

“The price has a lot to do with why it’s so popular,” said Dany Gutierrez, a freshman in pre-graphic design. “It’s a one-time purchase, while Photoshop is a monthly purchase.”

For some Iowa State artists, Procreate has become their go-to art program. Photoshop has been the best digital art program for years, but with the rise of TikTok and other social media, Procreate has emerged as a top contender that may one day overtake Photoshop.

As seen on social networks, more and more people are using the app, sharing their talents with the world. Many people have started to earn an income from these digital design tools. Websites like Etsy, Redbubble, Patreon, and Fiverr are places artists can go to sell their art.

The best thing for Procreate artists to do is support their work using the above websites. Even sharing their work and giving them credit on social media helps more than people realize.

Procreate has grown rapidly in the digital art world over the past year and will continue to do so with more and more artists supported through social media.

Dany with his books

Dany Gutierrez (Instagram @ with the books she illustrated: “I Love You No Matter What” and “You Are My Dream Come True”.

If you want to learn more about Procreate or Photoshop, Iowa State offers courses like ARTGR 270: Graphic Design Studio 1 and ARTGR 275: Graphic Technology 1 to teach beginners and even advanced artists new skills that can advance their talent and their career.

While Iowa State doesn’t advertise its digital design courses as much as others, it does offer over 50 courses.

For more courses involving graphic design, see the course catalog here.

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