“The Way We Dance” AR Digital Art Performance at Affordable Art Fair

Returning as exclusive hotel partner for Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Melbourne, London Battersea Autumn and Singapore for 2022, Dorsett Hospitality International has always believed in the power of art and technology to bring people together.

With a footprint of 54 hotels in 25 cities, Dorsett Hospitality International has supported the fight against Covid-19 from the very beginning caring for over half a million quarantined guests, medical workers and refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

As a hospitality group, we’ve been inspired by how our customers, colleagues, frontline workers and people from all walks of life have danced in the rain, faced every challenge together and come out stronger on the other side. .

This is what led us to partner with digital art and creative studio The Collective to create The Way We Dance – choreographed by Yuh Egami (courtesy of Hong Kong Ballet) and performed by students Jennie Chou and Lee Kok Liang from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

Combining visual art, virtual space and technology, the “Awake” and “Progress” dances were animated by motion capture with each virtual dancer crafted through the lens of artists from around the world; each representing their own unique experiences of the pandemic .

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