ThunderCore signs a strategic partnership with NFTmall to bring digital art to life!

LONDON, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ThunderCore is very pleased to officially announce its strategic partnership with the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) auction house, NFTmall. NFTmall has been quietly working to build a complete platform for the NFT community that will offer amazing features such as NFT materialization i.e. the ability to convert your digital assets into physical collectibles.

ThunderCore is a high-performance EVM-enabled blockchain that offers sub-second confirmation times and fractional gas fees, in addition to world-class security and scalability. ThunderCore hosts a ecosystem which encompasses all aspects of the blockchain world, making it an ideal home for almost any project.

Together with NFTmallThunderCore plans to move toward a future where NFTs are woven into the fabric of society and holding digital collectibles becomes as natural as keeping cards in a user’s wallet.

What is NFTmall

NFTmall – Pioneers of multi-channel GameFi infrastructure and phygital NFT commerce

NFTmall is a multi-chain marketplace and NFT infrastructure provider that supports several other major blockchains besides ThunderCore, such as BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. NFTmall aims to integrate the broader blockchain universe under its platform, where NFT can be bought, sold, and traded in a one-stop shop with a robust API that handles all inter-chain interoperability and traffic.

However, the platform is more than an average NFT marketplace. NFTmall currently supports “Zero coding knowledge required ERC 1155 & 721 NFT Collections Strike! working on a feature that will allow mass physical redemption of NFT, an idea so groundbreaking that it’s hard for NFT to comprehend. Soon, on the platform, anyone holding a NFT will be able to have their image printed on a wide range of merchandise that they can wear or keep in their living room.

To go further, the NFTmall team is developing another feature that will allow you to preview these physical objects in augmented reality form. Simply launch the mobile phone app and point the camera at the wall where you plan to hang the picture frame, and users will be able to see in augmented reality what it will look like in their apartment.

The platform has its native token, GEM, which users can earn through staking and liquidity mining, and it can also help users increase the ranking and visibility of their NFTs. In the meantime, if GEM is used as a payment option, zero platform fees are available for NFT traders!

NFTmall = Multi-Channel NFT Infrastructure Provider + Powerful NFT API + NFT Materialization Service + Launchpad

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Browse NFTmall on TT Wallet

NFTmall is an NFT marketplace on the ThunderCore blockchain, which allows users to buy, sell, and even list their own NFTs for sale!

NFTmall Introduces “Zero Code” ERC1155 and 721 NFT Collections Minting

NFTmall takes the next step in revolutionizing the blockchain space while making it easier to use NFT technology for the everyday end user. On September 30, NFTmall introduced ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT custom collections with no coding knowledge required.

Currently, NFTmall operates simultaneously on 4 smart contract chains, which include ThunderCore, Evmos, BSC and BitTorrent. Soon to be integrated on ETH, Polygon & Avalanche.

Let’s find out what it’s all about

To NFTmall, we believe in creativity, innovation and process simplification. Following this motto, we have been building since 2020 and constantly improving and adapting the platform. Ensuring the best user experience and innovation has always been our priority for our lovely users. NFT will create more features and adapt to all market conditions. NFT is here for the long haul. ~ MD Rakib Ahamed (CEO and Founder)

NFT ERC-1155: what they are and how to hit them

To conclude, ERC-1155 is a token standard that uses a single smart contract to represent multiple tokens at once.

This is similar to how ERC721 does things, but in this standard a token identifier has no concept of balance. Each token is non-fungible and either exists or does not exist.

The balance of the ERC721 function refers to the number of different tokens in an account, not the number of each. On the other hand, ERC1155 accounts have a separate balance for each token ID, and non-fungible tokens are implemented by simply hitting one.

This approach leads to massive gas savings for projects that require multiple tokens. Instead of deploying a new contract for each token type, a single ERC1155 token contract can contain the entire system state, reducing deployment costs and complexity.

This means that one can create multiple numbers of NFTs in a single transaction

Traditionally, an ERC1155 NFT collection required coding knowledge. NFTmall Simplified this process and made collectible typing accessible to everyone with just a few clicks!

Check out the walkthrough video of ERC-1155 NFT minting on NFTmall:

ERC-721/1155 Custom Collections Zero Code Strike

Now users can create their own NFT Collections in seconds using the NFTmall interface. After creating a collection using NFTmallusers can create ERC-721/ERC-1155 NFTs and add them to this collection, and be a proud owner of the NFT collection.

Project owners are also welcome to use this feature to easily create their unique NFT assets which are used in the crypto project/game.

Check out the collection minting walkthrough video on NFTmall:

NFTmall Creator Accelerator Program

To help the NFTmall ecosystem thrive, NFT has partnered with ThunderCore to launch the Creator Accelerator program. The effort offers grants to artists and projects looking to get started in the new market. Using the criteria of artistic quality, uniqueness and social media exposure, a total of 10 projects are awarded $500 each paid in GEM. The application deadline for the grant has been extended to 2022/11/05. Click on here for more details on how to apply.

What projects are happening on NFTmall

Already exciting projects are starting to take off in the new market. Here is a list of some of the main efforts made by the creators.

  • TT Farm Metaverse Collection
    NFT type: Ticket type collection
    The TT Farm Metaverse Collection consists of 1,500 unique NFTs issued by Farm TT. Besides being pretty pictures, these NFTs will serve as tickets to the next TT Farm metaverse.
  • DragonCats
    NFT type: PFP style collection
    DragonCats is a fantasy series about mixing dragons with cats and keeping the power of the latter but the laziness of the former. There are only 50 for sale, and they were only on sale for 30 days. And the price is set at 500 TT.
  • ThunderCoreKing
    NFT type: PFP style collection
    ThunderCoreKing is a collection of 10,000 monkey-like NFTs with an upcoming metaverse and gallery.
  • cat thunder
    NFT type: PFP style collection
    cat thunder is a news forum and social community built on ThunderCore. With their own profile picture style NFT collection.
  • TheWolverinePack
    NFT type: PFP style collection
    Wolverine’s Pack is a collection of 5,000 unique Wolverines on ThunderCore. They are specially designed for TT OG!
  • Fireworks
    NFT type: Meme style collection
    Fireworks is a collection designed to recall the joy of fireworks. These colorful NFTs will make it look like it’s their favorite vacation.
  • WomButt
    NFT type: Meme style collection
    distinctive collection of 100 The women dressed in their finest underwear.

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