UNGA 77: Buhari promises inclusive digital learning for students

President Muhammadu Buhari pledged that Nigeria will do its best to reach all learners, wherever they are, with inclusive and quality learning and skills development opportunities to prepare them for the bright future they deserve.

Buhari made the promise on Monday when speaking on the fourth thematic session: digital transformation of education at a three-day Education Transformation Summit in New York.

The Transforming Education Summit is organized on the margins of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to the Nigerian President, more than 50% of Nigeria’s population of over 200 million is made up of people under the age of 20 and this young population has developed a tremendous appetite and know-how for all things digital.

“The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about transformations that have led to the adoption of digital learning options.

“Nigeria has leveraged the long school closures during COVID-19 and the continued disruption of schools due to insecurity and climate change to expand digital learning and ensure continuity of learning.

“This has enabled the government to specifically target out-of-school children and children in hard-to-reach areas with digital learning opportunities.”

Buhari said progress in digital learning has been guided by the development of the National Digital Learning Policy, which focuses on the long-term vision of inclusive digital transformation by increasing public provision for education. digital learning.

He said it also guides the development and deployment of free and open-source digital tools to deliver large-scale distance learning with online content that is complemented by television and radio programs as well as printed materials. for domestic use.

“Through the Nigeria Learning Passport, a digital learning platform launched by the Federal Ministry of Education in partnership with UNICEF, teachers and learners have online and mobile access to nearly 15,000 educational content mapped by the program that have been reviewed and approved by a strong 35 member review team.

“Equity is at the heart of this agenda, with content and lessons produced in English and local languages.

“The content is also gender-neutral and responsive to the needs of learners, including those with functional difficulties,” the president said.

Furthermore, Buhari said that to support children and adolescents who are on the wrong side of the digital divide, Nigeria has prioritized the accelerated development of the offline version of Learning Passport.

“This will be available for integration into teaching and learning in the 2022/23 academic session.

“The Federal Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF, is also partnering with private sector telecommunications companies to bring connectivity to the hardest-to-reach schools and communities,” he said. .

He, however, thanked the partners for supporting the digital transformation of the education sector.

“We join you in celebrating the announcement of the Global Partnership that will support us in our efforts to leverage digital technology to close the equity gaps in education.

“I also appreciate the work done by the United Nations and other partners who have made this possible. We are indeed delighted to be a champion country,’ Buhari said. (NOPE)

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