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D2La global learning technology company transforming the way the world learns, today announced that the University of Cape Town (UCT) has partnered with reseller Visions Consulting to implement D2L Brightspace and improve its learning infrastructure. digital learning, in order to meet the teaching needs of UCT. and learning community for the next decade.

UCT is the oldest university in South Africa. A leader in teaching and research, UCT is home to six academic faculties – Business, Engineering and the Built Environment, Law, Health Sciences, Humanities and Science – with an academic community of 29,000 students and 5,000 members academic and administrative staff. UCT has a proud tradition of academic excellence and is one of the highest rated universities in the world.

UCT has had a Learning Management System (LMS) in place since 2006, which has served its needs well in the past. However, UCT assessed its future needs, which included increased provision of digital learning capabilities across the continuum from in-person to blended learning, increased demand for fully online courses, long-term sustainability term and the need for a single solution to replace multiple platforms. .

The Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) is a unit within the Center for Higher Education Development (CHED) at UCT, which serves the learning and teaching needs of scholars and students at UCT, and in 2021 it has launched a project to select a new digital learning platform to support the university’s teaching goals for the next 5 years. in 10 years.

“As part of our long-term strategy within Vision 2030 – we are working towards the goal of massive transformation of the university which includes holistic and innovative forward-looking education,” said Sukaina Walji, Director of the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town. “Our aim is to unleash the creative energy and intellectual capacity of UCT, and for this it is essential to ensure equitable student success. As digital tools and technologies play an important role in all faculties and departments, and at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we have been looking for a new cloud-hosted LMS. »

CILT launched a bidding process between June and December 2021. Staff and students provided input through surveys and focus groups. Faculty, student and other stakeholder representatives also participated in a formal procurement process, defining their needs and evaluating offers from all major market players. When D2L Brightspace was selected, campus stakeholders were invited to a Q&A session and webinar to showcase the new platform and register their interest in early trials.

“D2L Brightspace provides strong support for the priorities identified by our stakeholders, and its selection is a major step in improving our digital infrastructure,” Walji continued. “Brightspace is intuitive, supports a wide range of teaching modes, provides strong communication and assessment features, a robust mobile app, enhanced learning analytics, great integration with MS Teams, and support for full accessibility support for UCT students with disabilities.It is important to note that the platform currently provides a competitive feature set, while having the flexibility to adapt to our future needs in response to the changing landscape of higher education and technology.

“This is a great partnership for D2L, as we have a long commitment to transforming the way the world learns, and UCT’s own strategic roadmap is firmly anchored to meet the needs of a new generation of diverse students and scholars,” said Stewart Watts, Vice President EMEA, D2L. “We are delighted to work closely with UCT as it aspires to become a leading academic meeting point between South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world. Our technology will support UCT’s Vision 2030 strategy, improving learning and teaching across the continuum of in-person, blended and online modes for its community.

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