Virginia Housing Announces ‘Power of Home’ Digital Art Contest to Mark 50th Anniversary

RICHMOND, Va. (VR) — As it has done for 50 years, Virginia Housing has been investing in the future of affordable housing in the Commonwealth. In 2022, it celebrates its 50th anniversary by sponsoring a “Power of Home” digital art competition. The contest is open to all Virginians and will award a total of $20,000 to multiple winners in three categories – school-aged students, adult amateurs and adult professionals.

The contest begins on Monday, August 1, 2022 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Virginia residents are invited to create and submit up to three digital images of an original piece of art that represents what the “power of home” means to them. 2D and 3D mediums acceptable for the original piece include paint (oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel), pen and ink, marker, pencil, photography, sculpture, mixed media, charcoal, digital paintings and drawings.

All submissions must be submitted online at

The artwork will be displayed at the Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference in November. Winners are eligible for cash prizes and will be selected based on the following criteria:

• Interpretation and clarity of the “Power of Home” theme

• Creativity and originality

• Overall artistic quality

• General impression and presentation

For a complete list of contest rules, prizes, and instructions on how to take a digital image of original artwork, go to

“The pandemic continues to shine a light on the crucial role of housing in maintaining our health, safety and overall well-being,” said Susan Dewey, CEO of Virginia Housing. “With this art competition, we seek to inspire emerging and established artists and designers to help us tell the story of the ‘Power of Home’ in a truly compelling way. As Virginia and the nation tackle the affordable housing challenge, we seek collaborative, innovative, and creative approaches to solving this crisis.

Invite Art Submissions

Virginia Housing reaches out to art galleries, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, museums and art leagues across the Commonwealth to invite statewide submissions. All Virginia residents are invited to submit up to three digital images of their original artwork.

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